¿Por qué el proceso de fabricante está compartiendo más importante que teórico cursos?

Aug 10, 2020

in recent years, the ministry of education and the state council have frequently issued documents emphasizing quality education, makereducation, and steam education. in april 2018, the ministry of education released the action plan for education Informatization 2.0, according to which artificial intelligence and programming courses will be included in junior and senior high school academic level exams.

Therefore, maker education, as a new education mode which focuses on cultivating students' creativity and innovation ability, has been attached great importance by many schools.

as domestic education emphasizes theory and neglects practice , teachers teach and students listen u nder such exam-oriented education , students are often lacking in practical ability and innovation.

The current maker teaching remains the traditional onlooking teaching, and the process of creating details cannot be shared to every student t eachers mainly explain and demonstrate, and students mainly repeat the teacher's operation, which greatly limits studentscreativity and is not conducive to the cultivation of students' independent innovation ability.

in order to better improve students' creativity and inquiry ability, it is especially urgent to form a student-oriented maker teaching mode.

so how to form a student-centered makerteaching mode? How to share the details of each student's makerprocess with the whole class for thinking collision?

Wireless Document Camera

Retion maker behavior wireless document camera solution can share the details of the maker process, innovate the content and form of maker teaching, and comprehensively improve the information literacy of students. it will establish a new "student-centered" maker teaching mode, and teachers canteach students in accordance with their aptitude to give full play to the talents advantages of young people.

01 demonstration of theC reation P rocess

Wireless Interactive Visualizer

The maker teacher clearly shows the real-time maker demonstration teaching process to the students through the wireless interactive visualizer, and the students can watch and learn in real time on their own seats.

02 creativeD etails andI deasS haring

During the process of maker teaching, the teacher can arbitrarily retrieve the details of students' operation process, and display them on a large screen. after s tudent s finished explain ing their creative ideas, the teacher can comment on a student's practical operationprocess, and the whole class watches and learns together, which improves the efficiency of maker teaching.

03 group comparative teaching

teachers can randomly select 2 groups, 4 groups and 8 groups of maker operation process for comparative teaching, show different students' maker operation process or results, and explain according to different students' mastery level; students comment on each other to carry out thinking collision, and stimulate their creativity.

04 simultaneousR ecording ofE ach G roup's C reati onP rocess

in the process of maker, each student's practical operation process can be recorded in an all-round way and playback to restore the whole process of students' creation. students can discuss with each other, conduct group discussion and study, and help each other. it stimulates students' interest and problem-solving ability, whichin turn can allow them to master multi-level maker practical skills in maker experiments or maker projects.

Without upgrading and reforming the classroom, the solutioncan upgrade the ordinary classroom into a new digital recording interactive maker space, giving full play to the effect of teaching space and create a new interactive teaching mode of maker education.

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